And the Word was made flesh, and dwelt in a tabernacle among us, and we beheld His glory.  John 1:14
The style of the Word is the Divine style itself, with which no other style can be compared, however sublime and excellent it may seem. The style of the Word is such that there is a holiness in every sentence and in every word, and even in some places in the very letters, and thereby the Word conjoins man with the Lord and opens heaven.  TCR 191


Why a New Church translation is important

A New Church translation should provide a means by which the internal sense can shine through the letter in its glory. For example, the Writings tell us of the importance of the marriage of good and truth which is reflected in the language of the Word through repetition (“Treasure up for yourselves treasures” Matt. 6:19), singulars and plurals (“when thou prayest ... when you pray” Matt. 6:6,7), and pairs of words signifying good and truth (“joy and gladness” Is. 51:3).

For more about the principles of translation used in this effort, please read the “Companion Booklet.”

The Kempton Revision of the Word

This web site supports an effort to produce a New Church Translation of the Word. The working text is stored on this site so the revisors can all access the changes instantly.

A limited edition of the whole WORD was printed in 2011 (see the information to the right). A companion booklet that is delivered with each copy describes the principles that are being used in this project.

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