The WORD in Print (2011)

In 2011 we printed the first English translation of the whole of the Sacred Scripture made in the light of the Heavenly Doctrine. It is the result of 20 years of work by the current editors, based on the work of some of the foremost sacred language scholars of the New Church in the past 200 years, notably John Clowes and Louis H. Tafel. Not only is this translation closer to the original languages, which is the style of the Heavenly Doctrine itself, but it has also corrected some major doctrinal errors introduced shortly after the Council of Nicea.

This copy is a limited edition; only 415 copies were printed. The reason for this is directly related to you, the reader, because we would like your help. What we are asking of you is that you inform us of any mistakes or any doubtful readings. Your questions as to meaning and vocabulary choices are welcome as well. Suggestions for better word order will also be appreciated.

With this input, we will be able to revise and improve this translation, and print a greater number of books. This will allow us to use thinner paper and thus substantially reduce the size of the book, and still print it at a reasonable cost per book.

The Companion booklet that was delivered with this printing is available here. It is expanded from the 2002 edition to include notes on the Old Testament.

If you have a copy of this edition and have some suggestions to make, contact us by clicking here:

Or you may mail us at:

Kempton Project
c/o KNCS
P. O. Box 140
Kempton, PA 19529

We are indebted to all who help this effort, both in the past and in the future. To all of you, many thanks.

Thank you from the Editors: Rev.Stephen Cole, Rev. Andy Heilman, Roy Odhner, Kate Pitcairn, Rev. Lawson Smith