A New Church translation of the Sacred Scripture

Each word in the Sacred Scripture is like a precious stone given to us by the Lord, each phrase and verse is like a jewel. The words are beautifully arranged to reflect and transmit the light of heaven from within. The more a translation reflects this arrangement and beauty, the more the glory of the Lord can be seen. There are aspects of the Letter of the Word that cannot truly be brought into what is called Standard English, but a translation faithful to the original text in the light of the Heavenly Doctrine can convey to the English reader what the Lord has revealed to man.

It is with this hope that the editors of the Kempton Project offer again a translation of the Sacred Scripture to the New Church. This translation is even more thoroughly and carefully revised, keeping in mind the fullness, holiness and power, by which the Word serves the eternal purpose of conjoining heaven and earth, together with the Lord.

This new edition of the New Church translation of the Word, which has been out of print for about eight years, has arrived from the printer and will be available as a Christmas gift. We are still setting up procedures for sales and shipping, so please be patient.

It comes in a more comfortable size than the edition that was offered in 2011. This new edition is 1½″ thick and 7″ x 9″, which allows us to keep the large 13 point type that so many have appreciated.

Red cloth hardcover volume

This volume will cost $37.50 (US), plus tax and shipping.

You can order by e-mail, by phone, or by mail.
Mail:Kempton Project
1050 Mountain Road
Kempton, PA 19529

Other covering options

We expect to make available a limited quantity of leather-covered volumes at a price still under investigation. These will not be available for delivery by Christmas, but we may have specifications and a price before then. So far we are seeing pricing in the range of $150–$200, but we are looking at other options that may cost less.

We may also be able to accomodate special requests for binding. Please contact us.

About this Translation

Printed in 2020, this is the second edition of the first English translation of the whole of the Sacred Scripture made in the light of the Heavenly Doctrine.

In 2011 we printed a trial edition as means of getting input from readers, pointing out errors we may have made. The second edition is the result of 29 years of work by the current editors, based on the work of some of the foremost sacred language scholars of the New Church in the past 200 years, notably John Clowes and Louis H. Tafel.

A Companion booklet will be included with each order. It is has undergone significant revision for this edition. It is available for reading here.

We are indebted to all who help this effort, both in the past and in the future. To all of you, many thanks.

Thank you from the Editors: Rev. Stephen Cole, Rev. Andy Heilman, Roy Odhner, Kate Pitcairn, Rev. Lawson Smith, Jennifer Cole, Dandridge Cole