The WORD in Print

The text of the translation of the Word on the website is under continual revision. Changes that are made are immediately available to all readers.

For more about the need and use of a New Church Translation of the Word please see the Companion booklet, where many of the ideas involved with such a translation are illustrated by passages from the Letter of the Word and explained by teachings from the Heavenly Doctrine.

The New Testament in 2002

A printed edition of The New Testament was made available in 2002. This edition is now out-of-date, since substantial additional revisions have been made. It is not available for sale anymore.

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The Word in 2011

We printed an edition of the whole Sacred Scripture in 2011. This was done using digital printing, which means it had to be printed on typical copier weight paper. So far, digital printing cannot be done on "bible" paper, which is much thinner.

The resulting book is large, 8.375″ × 11.25″ × 2.2″ and over 5 lbs.

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This edition is also now out-of-date, and all copies have been sold.

The Word in 2020

We have published the whole Sacred Scripture again in November 2020, printed on bible paper, in a smaller format.

The size is 7.19″ × 9.25″ × 1.56″, printed in a larger than usual 13 point font for easy reading.

This edition is now available for sale.

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We are indebted to all who help this effort, both in the past and in the future. To all of you, many thanks.

Thank you from the Editors: Rev.Stephen Cole, Rev. Andy Heilman, Roy Odhner, Kate Pitcairn, Rev. Lawson Smith, Dandridge Cole, Jennifer Cole